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When Treasuries Go To Zero

How Cheap Are Mortgages When Treasuries Go To Zero?

Across the world, the interest rates on Treasury bills have turned negative in many different countries.  In this bizarre scenario, depositors pay the bank to hold on to their money, rather than the bank paying them interest. Such a scenario is obviously not good for depositors, but what about borrowers? …

What Is Middle Class By Acquired Wealth 2

What Is The Middle Class?

The term middle class gets thrown around a lot.  It seems that all politicians pay lip service to helping the middle class, but few define what they believe it is.  What is the middle class? Is it based on income, on education, on wealth, or on lifestyle? What Is The …

Can I borrow 20 Trillion?

You Can’t Legislate Prosperity

I say it all the time, “The Number 1 rule of economics is people respond to incentives.”  Anytime legislation is passed that requires employers to do something in regards to its employers the employers will find the least costly option available.  The law requiring companies to pay time and half …

retirement savings fairness

Increase Retirement Savings Plan Fairness

One day last week I came across an article in the USA Today comparing the pensions of the top 100 CEOs to the retirement savings of average americans demonstrating a deep divide.  The capitalist in me viewed this as no big deal, because obviously higher income people will have higher …