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Can I borrow 20 Trillion?

You Can’t Legislate Prosperity

I say it all the time, “The Number 1 rule of economics is people respond to incentives.”  Anytime legislation is passed that requires employers to do something in regards to its employers the employers will find the least costly option available.  The law requiring companies to pay time and half …

Increase Retirement Savings Plan Fairness

One day last week I came across an article in the USA Today comparing the pensions of the top 100 CEOs to the retirement savings of average americans demonstrating a deep divide.  The capitalist in me viewed this as no big deal, because obviously higher income people will have higher …

Gates Foundation Big Bet

The 15 Year Big Bet

In the new 2015 Gates Letter, Bill Gates outlines his goals for the World over the next 15 years, while looking back at the success of the last 15 years of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  The overall goal is to improve the lives of people who live in poor …