Action Without Knowledge Is DangerousThis blog exists to provide concise and useful information on how to take immediate action to improve finances. One of the major problems in the American education system is the lack of financial education taught in schools and in homes. In many school districts it is possible to graduate from high school without ever taking a micro-economics class. In our households, money is rarely discussed, except for the idea of running out of it. For over a decade I have studied economics, and micro-economics is my passion. Too often I hear people of all ages mention something along the lines of “Yeah, I need to get started on looking into investments or retirement.”, and nothing happens. Taking action TODAY is crucial to long term success.

Who am I? My name is John C. and I live in rural Michigan on an 8 acre slice of heaven with my wonderful wife, our two young children, and two of our nephews.  Overall I am a very lucky man. I am in my late 20s and am I guess you could say, semi-retired. I work seasonally as a maintenance contractor at nuclear plants during refueling outages. I work a ton in the spring and fall, but usually have summers and winters off. When I am not working, my wife, Mrs. C. works more hours. She has a very flexible job, which works out great.  With having uneven cashflows throughout the year I do put a lot of effort into planning our finances.  My employer(s) do not offer 401Ks or benefits, so that adds to the complexity of our situation.

Every once in a while I will post an update as to how we are doing at working towards our goals. While I will be realistic with figures, I will usually talk in percents, as I am not yet comfortable with giving away every detail of our earnings, expenses, and savings.  For now our main goal is to have our home paid off by 2021, and reach financial independence in 2031 when I am 45 .  Right now we owe 75% on our house (we just bought it 2 years ago) and have only 2% of our investment goal.  In 2022 our oldest son will be finishing high school and we want to be able to comfortably help with cash flow towards his further education, as well as the further education of his brother and our nephews.

I hope with this blog to continue my financial education and to share my passion for finance with others, while providing concrete achievable information about action steps that can be taken today to make drastic changes in your long term financial picture. Most of the information and advice I write is geared towards lower and middle income earners in the “working class”.

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