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how to balance the federal budget

How To Balance The Federal Budget

The United States has not balanced the federal budget since 2001, in fact the federal budget was only balanced for 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001 since 1970! Also, in every one of those years the budget only balanced because Social Security revenue was greater than expenditures and the government used …

Tax Free Early Retirement

How Donald Trump’s Tax Plan Will Affect You

It isn’t very often that a President is able to fully realize his or her tax plan, which is usually a good thing.  The Bush tax cuts passed 15 years ago still have a profound affect on most American workers.  If Donald Trump is able to have legislation passed that …

why do we pay taxes on our property?

Save 50% On Your Property Taxes

The Easiest way to save 50% on property taxes (or more) is to research the property tax rates areas have before moving.  In my county alone there are 86 different permutations of what your tax rates can be based on township/city and school district.  Most of the time people only …