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Cell Phone SavingsCell phone service is expensive, especially for those of us with a smart phone. I have months when I am traveling that I use my phone a lot, but when I am at home, I rarely use my cell phone, but I still have to pay the same price regardless. is a company that piggy backs on the Sprint network and only charges for what is used. Pricing is broken up into minutes used, text messages, and data. You choose what plan you want and the service will let you know if you are exceeding it and will let you upgrade to the next level. If you under use the plan selected they charge you for the next lower tier of pricing. The levels are relatively small so it’s easy to find a perfectly customized plan that fits your needs.

For someone who uses a phone like I do, a couple hours of talk time for the month, a couple hundred text messages and just enough data for checking email, the bill can be around $13 a month! This is an amazing savings over traditional plans, and works great for anyone in an area where Sprint is a strong provider. Where I live unfortunately Sprint’s network is not very strong so I do not use this service, but for many people who aren’t glued to their phone and live in strong Sprint signal area, this can be a substantial savings tool.

The primary downside of using is that you must purchase one of their phones, they currently offer two phones, the Samsung Galaxy S3 for $389, and the ZTE Awe for $89, which can also be paid for in monthly payments of $19.80 and $4.53 respectively. Another issue is that for heavy cell phone users, this is not a great product, and prices can exceed what you would pay for an unlimited plan from other providers. This is another awesome tool to assist with increasing the delta in your budget. To find out if this works for you, take a look at your usage history to make an informed decision. Also check out 30 actions you can take in 30 minutes or less to win with money.

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