Move In Ready Houses For Under $60,000 In Todays Market!

This is the tightest housing market nationwide in decades.  Supply is LOW.  Everyone is complaining and you constantly hear about how the price of the average home is now unaffordable. I personally don’t believe in doom and gloom, so I want to highlight some houses and towns where housing is still very affordable for those of us with low budgets.  Here are some houses on the market today across the country that cost under $60,000.

Why $60,000?

I chose $60,000 as the threshold for this article because loans are more difficult to get for sub $50,000 properties and because virtually anyone working a minimum wage job can afford a $60,000 house.

How Much Does A $60,000 House Cost Per Month?:

We will assume an FHA loan of 3.5% down which is $2,100 leaving a loan amount of $57,900.

I will assume $75/mo for home owner insurance and $50/mo for property taxes (1% of property value).

15 year mortgage:

  • A 15 year mortgage at 5.25% is $465/mo  plus taxes and insurance = $590/mo.
  • This is affordable (<30% of income) for any 1 person working 40 hours at a wage of $11.80/hour.

30 year mortgage

  • A 30 year mortgage at 6.25% is $357/mo. Plus taxes and insurance = $492/mo.
  • This is affordable (<30% of income) for any 1 person working 40 hours at a wage of $9.84 per hour.


OK, on to the houses:

I’m going to start with Benton Harbor, MI. OK, so this isn’t as good of a value as back when I first recommended people to buy a house in Benton Harbor, MI (I now own 8), however this is still a livable home for under $60,000.


Moving on to Ohio, we have this 2 bedroom house in Portsmouth at the Southern end of Ohio.  Just like with Michigan there are many options for houses that are move in ready under $60,000 in Ohio.  I love this house, look at those floors!

Like Michigan and Ohio, Indiana has plenty of homes, especially in smaller towns available at affordable prices.  This one is a single story with a ramp, and an easy roof line for if/when the roof needs replaced.

Traveling into Pennsylvania we have this 2 story 3 bedroom house. It isn’t as cosmetically appealing as some of the ones we have seen so far, but is certainly still livable. That paneling is dated, but indestructible.

Clean, safe, functional single story house with a simple roofline.  When I think of Illinois I always think of Chicago.  This house is on a decent size lot and has a great laundry area.

Heading into Kentucky, I’m a sucker for a simple roofline! and it’s a metal roof! That thing will outlast all of us!

Virginia is not well known for being an affordable state.  This beautiful brick house is dated, but clean and it has a new metal roof!


I know you didn’t think I could find a house for under $60,000 in California!  OK, so this is as basic as they come.  This is a small house, but it does exist!

I had to go a little over budget to get Hawaii, but come on, its HAWAII!!!! and on a full acre!

Kansas is another state with a ton of inventory at affordable prices. This is a 4 bedroom, and once again, simple roof line!

Maryland also isn’t known for being affordable.  The house is tiny, but comes with over an acre of land!

Minnesota Eh?  This house has 2 bathrooms and a large garage.

Mississippi is another state with a lot of affordable houses. I love the brickwork here on this 3 bedroom.

Cinderblock home in North Carolina with a simple roofline.  This house was designed to be low maintenance and easy to repair.  Has a potential 3rd bedroom!

This house in New York doesn’t have much of a yard being that its on a hill, and yellow isn’t for everybody, but its still a livable home!

Everyone is moving to Texas! If you stay out of Austin and Houston, there are some bargains to be had!  This 3 bedroom fenced in yard house has a large bathroom and is move in ready!


For anyone willing to live outside of the big cities there are still bargains to be found. Sure all of these markets would have been less expensive 3 years ago, but they are still extremely affordable today.  Don’t let the doom and gloom of the median home sale price hitting over $400,000 discourage you, there are many affordable homes out there!

John C. started Action Economics in 2013 as a way to gain more knowledge on personal financial planning and to share that knowledge with others. Action Economics focuses on paying off the house, reducing taxes, and building wealth. John is the author of the book For My Children's Children: A Practical Guide For Building Generational Wealth.

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