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Avoiding An Obamacare Penalty

It’s tax time and many supporters of Obamacare are now waking up to realize that the government take over of the health care system is costing them hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.  I am extremely frustrated with this system, because it is very easy to end up owing a …

Life Insurance Stay at Home Mom

How Much Life Insurance For A Stay At Home Mom?

Imagine Replacing the tasks a stay at home mom does, even if the only expense were daycare, this can EASILY run to $2,000 a month for 2 kids. When we think of life insurance most of the time we are looking at income replacement for someone whose income is used …

Legacy Drawer

Updating The Legacy Drawer

The top left drawer in my office desk is a special drawer.  It contains perhaps the best present I have ever/ will ever give to my wife.  This drawer is the legacy drawer which is filled with the information needed to help ease the financial transition that would occur if …