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How To Save Money On Dental Bills

How To Save Money on Dental Bills

Let’s face it, dental bills are expensive.  It’s not uncommon for fillings to run $300, root canals to cost $1,000, crowns to cost $1,500 and braces to cost over $5,000.  Of course for those of us who do suffer from tooth pain the cost is almost always worth it, the …

Obamacare Bronze

Using an Obamacare Bronze Plan with An HSA

Last November when Obamacare went into effect went live with disastrous results.  You had to fill out an application before seeing what prices are available, the website was down most of the enrollment period, and there was no clear way to enter in deduction to gross income in order …

Health Savings Administrators Log on

Managing an HSA with Health Savings Administrators

Health Savings Administrators in my mind is the best provider of an HSA Account. Last summer when Mrs. C. and I were looking to start our HSA we found Health Savings Administrators and upon learning about their investment options decided it was the best place to administer our Health Savings Account. …