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Collecting Unemployment Benefits In Michigan

Who Pays For Unemployment Benefits In Michigan? The accounting and taxation of unemployment agencies is fairly complex, here’s a basic overview that provides the details for how most of the program works. Michigan, like all other states, charges employers a tax to cover unemployment benefits. The tax is only charged …

how to prepare for a house fire 1

How To Prepare For A House Fire

In 2013 there were 1.2 million fires in the U.S. which resulted in 3,240 fatalities and over 15,000 injuries.  Virtually all of these deaths could have been prevented.  Overall I think I am fairly safety conscious and I also have a bit of a prepper streak in me. The consequences …

Avoid ER Costs

Paying A Large Medical Bill

Let me start this off with my aversion to doctors. I hate going to hospitals and to doctors.  Generally speaking I will do anything to avoid going to the hospital.  In my life I have gone to a doctor 4 times for an injury:  When I was 12 and broke …