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Account Beneficiaries

The Importance of Naming Beneficiaries

In all 401K, IRA, and HSA accounts, as well as life insurance policies and bank accounts, there is a form linked to the account naming beneficiaries if the owner of the account were to pass away. These forms are usually filled out when the account is created (if even at …

Tax Free Early Retirement

7 Options For A Tax Free Early Retirement

There is an amazing volume of information written about saving for retirement. Retirement is by far the largest expense that we save for, but the vast majority of information is centered around saving and investing, with little emphasize on withdrawing on the back end.  Here is a collection of strategies …

the government pays me

End Of Year Tax Planning

Many of us wait until the last minute on April 15th to file our income tax returns.  It’s an overly complex process, it’s unpleasant, and reminds us just how much of our money we give to the government every year.  In our last minute haste it is easy to miss …


Investing Strategy

While I follow the Dave Ramsey “baby step” plan to get towards financial freedom, Dave consistently quotes 12% as an expected long term rate of return for stock mutual funds. While I agree that an investing strategy focusing on stock mutual funds over the long term is the way to …