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Tax Free Early Retirement

7 Options For A Tax Free Early Retirement

There is an amazing volume of information written about saving for retirement. Retirement is by far the largest expense that we save for, but the vast majority of information is centered around saving and investing, with little emphasize on withdrawing on the back end.  Here is a collection of strategies …

nuclear worker

The Economics of a Migrant Nuclear Worker

Eight year ago I applied for a temporary job to earn some extra cash, today I have made a career out of working several of those temporary jobs.  Being a skilled migrant nuclear worker comes with many benefits and drawbacks that are difficult to weigh.  Striking a perfect balance is …

Awesome Articles

April Awesome Article Roundup

I read a lot of articles on finance throughout the course of a month and from time to time I come across a lot of awesome articles, these are the articles I have read that gave me some thought and I think they would be a great read for anyone. …

Win With money meter

30 30 Minute Actions to Win With Money

Let’s move the needle TODAY, right now. When it comes to winning with money procrastination is the worst enemy in our lives and inaction is what will cause you to wake up 10 years from now in the same spot you are today.  I’ve studied personal finance for several years, …