July 2014 Awesome Article Roundup

Awesome ArticlesOne of the best things about participating in the financial blogosphere is reading and learning about how other people have attacked challenges, built wealth and won.  From time to time this information can be overwhelming. Reading about how someone retired in their mid thirties with over $1 million, or that someone else makes $5K+ per month from his blog, or that another guy pays 4X in yearly income taxes what you make can be motivating, but at times, somewhat disheartening when compared to your own situation.  Ricky’s recent post on the Skint Dad Blog “Don’t Compare Your Beginning to Someone Else’s Middle” revolved around this great piece of advice he received.  We all are different ages, have different life situations, and are at different stages in out journey. What matters is making a plan and doing the best we can in our given situation to move forward.  The only person we should compare ourselves to is our past and future self.

Ree at Escaping Dodge posted an excellent analysis of Amazon’s FBA program entitle; “10 Important Tips For New Amazon FBA Sellers“.  The details in this post I’m sure will help any potential FBA seller avoid some pitfalls.  The article certainly gave me some thought about starting my own FBA business at some point.

Kyle at The Penny Hoarder wrote “Your Subconscious is Stealing All of Your Money. Here’s How to Get it Back…” Honestly I love this article for the top graphic before even reading it.  The article goes into an analysis about how the majority of Americans have no savings and ways we can adjust our thought processes and behaviors to save a bit more.  

At the Barefoot Budgeter Autumn wrote an inciteful post “Retirement Lessons To Be Learned From Phish” She talks about going to a concert and the lifestyle some of the people she interacted with live.  There is certainly something to be said for taking “mini-retirements” throughout our lives.

At Trendy Cheapo Taylor published “What’s The Emergency In Emergency Saving For African Americans?” She discusses a recent study showing the large disparities in emergency savings for White adults and African American adults.  Getting a starter emergency fund of even $500 makes a huge difference in life.

Larry made a two part series guest post at the Money Beagle entitled “Historical Financial Asset Class Returns” part 1, and part 2.  These two articles are both very well researched and thought out.  A ton of thought provoking information!

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