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How Lucky we are

Being Thankful For “Luck”

After reading “To Get Luckier, Realize Success Is Mostly Luck” by Sam at Financial Samurai I decided to take a look at my life to analyze how luck has played a part in getting my family to where we are today. Overall, I don’t believe that luck plays a huge …

Time Budget

The Time Budget

We all have different budgets based on our incomes, lifestyles, and general overall circumstances. One budget that we all have that is exactly the same is our time budget.  7 days; 168 hours; 10,080 minutes; 604,800 seconds…52 week a year…the clock is ticking. Time is something we have to spend wisely, …

Fiscal Discipline Is Not Self Sacrifice

If I could teach people just one idea on getting ahead with money this would be it. Fiscal Discipline Is Not Self Sacrifice. It goes without fail that anytime a conversation about money comes up and I am asked what I do to save money, the other party will say something …