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Cheat Sheet To Financial Independence 1a

The Cheat Sheet To Financial Independence

Personal finance seems to be very complicated and there are mountains of books to read on it. Heck, I’ve written 384 articles on personal finance!  Personal Finance is rarely taught in school and for the most part people don’t know where to start.  Retirement seems like a pipe dream to …

How To Qualify For A Pell Grant

I’ve researched several ways to make college more affordable, including going to community college, using tax credits, and using CLEP exams.  I’ve generally discounted the idea of getting a Pell grant, because this government program that gives up to $5,815 per year to students is geared towards low income families. …

earn an associates degree in high school

Earn An Associates Degree In High School

Our education system in this country is far too expensive and too time consuming.  To earn a high school diploma, it takes 13 years at 7 hours a day for 180 days per year. This works out to 16,380 hours.  To earn an associates degree you are looking at another …