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Bounced My Bank Account

I Bounced My Bank Account

For the first time in my life I bounced my bank account.  When I logged into my account I saw that not only had I over-drafted my account, but that I did it twice, and thus was subject to twice the fees.  We are doing pretty good financially, so how …

Retirement Savings

2015 Quarter 2 Financial Update

The past 6 months have been crazy for our family, which is the primary reason I skipped over a quarter 1 financial update. Overall we have been very fortunate the first half of 2015, but we also experienced a few set backs as well. Situations Affecting Our Financial Update: 1) Very …

Buying A House at 20

Refinancing Our Rental Property

Interest rates for the last several years have been at historic lows, and will likely remain relatively low for the foreseeable future.  This environment of low interest rates have led many people to become serial refinancers.  Refinancing provides a proportional savings to the loan amount, with closing costs not varying …