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Wearing a face mask all day is uncomfortable. Unfortunately for most of us we will need to be wearing a mask at work and any where else in public for the foreseeable future.  Smarter people than me came up with the idea to create a plastic product that can take the strain off of someone’s ears while wearing a face mask.  I decided to try out producing these on my 3D printer and am now offering them for sale. I’ve been using these face mask ear savers for about a month now and it is a major improvement for me. Face mask ear savers are a needed piece of PPE for anyone who is working during this emergency.


I currently print my face mask ear savers using a flexible PTEG filament.  The majority of face mask ear savers for sale on eBay and other markets are made with PLA or acrylic, which do not bend well.  The flexibility of my ear savers makes them more comfortable to wear and increases the longevity of the product.





I am currently selling a 5 pack for $7.49, and a 25 pack for $24.99.  In addition to the normal sized ear savers that are about 6 1/4″ long, I also make a jumbo size for people with larger heads or more hair.  These I sell in a 4 pack for $8.99.  These are more expensive because they require more material and take a long print time.  I can only print 1 at a time on my print bed instead of 5.

I ship USPS every morning M-Sa. I deliver directly to the post office so there is no delay in getting your order moving.  The USPS has experienced some delays due to Covid-19.  Please allow an extra couple days for shipping.


5 Pack of 3d Printed Face Mask Ear Savers

5 Pack of Face Mask Ear Savers

4 Pack of Large Ear Savers. Small ear saver in pic for size comparison

Large Ear Savers 8.5″ Small ear saver in pic for size comparison










Please consider buying face mask ear savers from me.  In addition to selling them here I am also donating a portion of my production to local front line workers.  Although I am making a little bit of money off of these I am mainly doing this to teach my 4 kids entrepreneurship.  I am getting them involved in using the 3d printers, packing and fulfilling orders, and back end accounting.  This is an excellent point in time to demonstrate to them the power of e-commerce and entrepreneurship.

To order click on the Paypal button below. If you have any questions on these products please leave a comment here and I will respond as soon as possible.

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