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Quarter 2 2016 Financial Update

2016 Quarter 2 Financial Update

Quarter 2 was a rough one for us.  We had a decent income for the quarter, but we had a TON of expenses come out, which greatly reduced our savings rate for the quarter. Financial Update: Income: Our total income for the quarter clocked it right at $22,671, which has us …

Quarter 1 2016 Financial Update

2016 Quarter 1 Financial Update

So far 2015 is off to a pretty good start. I’ve been working the whole time and am currently in the middle of the busy outage season.  Most of my large checks haven’t started rolling in yet, so I expect our income logged in quarter 2 to be a bit …

Q4 2015 Net Worth

2015 Quarter 4 Financial Update

2015 has been an Amazing year for us, overall we clocked in at a savings rate of 40.9%, exceeding my 33% goal for the year.  Our total income increased by 25%, making it possible to achieve that savings rate, and we were able to keep unplanned expenses in check to …

2015 Q4 is projected.  I can't wait until I can switch my graphs over to Personal Capital. Their charts are much more aesthetically pleasing.

My Wealth Building Journey

The first several years of becoming an adult I struggled like hell with money.  For the most part it just seemed like I couldn’t get ahead. Every year I ran into large unexpected expenses which kept me from being able to build any wealth.  At the same time I was …