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Grind in 20s

I’m Officially 30

Time flies my friends!  I’m officially 30 years old, having celebrated the big 3-0 earlier this week.  It’s funny, people used to think I looked younger than I was, but the past couple years I have been getting the opposite.  This past outage season 3 times when asked I told …

What I'm Thankful For In 2015

What I am Thankful For In 2015

Sometimes listing our gripes and outrages of the day is easier than to talk about what is going well. On a personal level this has been a great year for me, and for the world as a whole, despite some tragedies like the recent attack on Paris, we as a …

Bounced My Bank Account

I Bounced My Bank Account

For the first time in my life I bounced my bank account.  When I logged into my account I saw that not only had I over-drafted my account, but that I did it twice, and thus was subject to twice the fees.  We are doing pretty good financially, so how …