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Muhammad Ali's house

Muhammad Ali’s Money

Muhammad Ali was a local legend in southwest MI.  The former heavyweight champion moved to Berrien Springs, MI towards the end of his boxing career in 1975.  He owned an 85 Acre estate on just under a mile of the St. Joseph river.  I currently live about 7 miles from the …

Grind in 20s

I’m Officially 30

Time flies my friends!  I’m officially 30 years old, having celebrated the big 3-0 earlier this week.  It’s funny, people used to think I looked younger than I was, but the past couple years I have been getting the opposite.  This past outage season 3 times when asked I told …

What I'm Thankful For In 2015

What I am Thankful For In 2015

Sometimes listing our gripes and outrages of the day is easier than to talk about what is going well. On a personal level this has been a great year for me, and for the world as a whole, despite some tragedies like the recent attack on Paris, we as a …

Bounced My Bank Account

I Bounced My Bank Account

For the first time in my life I bounced my bank account.  When I logged into my account I saw that not only had I over-drafted my account, but that I did it twice, and thus was subject to twice the fees.  We are doing pretty good financially, so how …