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Starting A Blog

I’ve been asked by some of my friends about steps to take to start a blog, most of them with the primary interest of making money off of blogging.  I personally caution that making money off of a blog is a long term process and there are far easier ways …


Learning Salesmanship Through Cub Scouts

Today I have a guest post from my son who is 8.  He is in cub scouts and is learning how to sell popcorn in order to help raise money for cub scouts. 75% of the sales price goes directly to the cub scouts, which is a much better split …

Muhammad Ali's house

Muhammad Ali’s Money

Muhammad Ali was a local legend in southwest MI.  The former heavyweight champion moved to Berrien Springs, MI towards the end of his boxing career in 1975.  He owned an 85 Acre estate on just under a mile of the St. Joseph river.  I currently live about 7 miles from the …

Grind in 20s

I’m Officially 30

Time flies my friends!  I’m officially 30 years old, having celebrated the big 3-0 earlier this week.  It’s funny, people used to think I looked younger than I was, but the past couple years I have been getting the opposite.  This past outage season 3 times when asked I told …