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Social Security Statement

How To Find Out Your Social Security Benefits

Finding out what your Social Security benefits are is important not only for you, but for your loved ones as well.  Social Security provides 3 major types of insurance coverage, disability coverage, survivor coverage, and retirement benefits.  99% of people focus on the retirement benefits, but the other coverages Social …

Stabilizing Social Security

A Blueprint For Stabilizing Social Security

Due to the nature of the Social Security program there is an impending bottleneck coming up where the trust fund that has been built up will be depleted and incoming payroll taxes will not be enough to cover full promised benefits.  It looks like 2034 is the magic year in …

Stabilizing Social Security

7 Steps To Optimize Your Social Security Benefits

Social Security is the largest social safety net program in America; for 2012 total expenditures were $786 Billion.  When talking about Social Security most people refer to the retirement benefits, however there are two other important parts to Social Security, survivors benefits and disability benefits.  Social Security stopped sending automatic …

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Why You Don’t Need $1 Million To Retire

It seems that many advisers are questioning if $1 million is enough money for a comfortable retirement.  At the same time, they keep selling the “necessity” of having 75-85% of your current income to retire.  I think that both of these notions are incorrect for most people. For someone earning $100,000 …