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What Is Middle Class By Acquired Wealth 2

What Is The Middle Class?

The term middle class gets thrown around a lot.  It seems that all politicians pay lip service to helping the middle class, but few define what they believe it is.  What is the middle class? Is it based on income, on education, on wealth, or on lifestyle? What Is The …

Nutria Bounty Hunting

Animal Bounty Hunting As A Side Hustle

Hunters normally have to pay for tags to hunt wild animals, but sometimes the State will pay you to take some animals out of the area. Multiple states are willing to shell out cold hard cash in exchange for a bit of help in reducing nuisance animal populations. This could …

minimum wage

Minimum Wage Hikes Reduce Leadership

Walmart is set to raise its base pay in 1/3 of its stores due to state increases in the minimum wage.  Although many new employees will see a pay hike, people who are already earning over minimum wage will be unaffected.  This creates a “pay compression” between entry level jobs …

It all adds up

Saving Per Diem Money on the Road

Full Per Diem Vs M+IE: Full Per Diem is an amount of tax free money given to an employee for living expenses to cover housing, transportation, meals, and incidentals while working away from home.  M+IE covers meal and incidental expenses only, while the company covers the hotel and transportation accommodations. …