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Gifting an Inheritance at Birth

In my article Building Generational Wealth I discussed how I plan to contribute $16,000 to my grandchildren at birth in order to give them a huge jump start on wealth building.  Using the rule of 72 and an assumed 8% annualized return,  $16,000 will become $74,000 at 20, $161,000 at …

When Treasuries Go To Zero

How Cheap Are Mortgages When Treasuries Go To Zero?

Across the world, the interest rates on Treasury bills have turned negative in many different countries.  In this bizarre scenario, depositors pay the bank to hold on to their money, rather than the bank paying them interest. Such a scenario is obviously not good for depositors, but what about borrowers? …


How To Research Property Boundaries

Earlier this year, Mrs. C. and I purchased a section of abandoned railroad bed from the previous owner for $3,500. This section is listed as being 4.5 acres and runs approx. 3,000 feet at a width of 66′. Before we purchased the property we did some research to figure out exactly …