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Can I borrow 20 Trillion?

How To Balance The Federal Budget

The United States has not balanced the federal budget since 2001, in fact the federal budget was only balanced for 1998, 1999, 2000, and 2001 since 1970! Also, in every one of those years the budget only balanced because Social Security revenue was greater than expenditures and the government used …

When Treasuries Go To Zero

How Cheap Are Mortgages When Treasuries Go To Zero?

Across the world, the interest rates on Treasury bills have turned negative in many different countries.  In this bizarre scenario, depositors pay the bank to hold on to their money, rather than the bank paying them interest. Such a scenario is obviously not good for depositors, but what about borrowers? …

Car Payment Anniversary 2

Car Payment Anniversary

In March of 2009 Mrs. C. and I bought our 2004 Honda Odyssey for around $15,000. We had always driven beater cars and had a string of 3 in a row that lasted less than a year, including one we had to replace the transmission in twice.  We chose to …