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The Nuclear Contractor Travel Guide

Perhaps the best aspect of working as a nuclear contractor is getting to see different parts of the country.  Over the last 10 years I have gone to some amazing places, and occasionally I have learned about some too late, after I had already left the area. This list is …

Weighing Job Options

Why I Turned Down A Perfect Job

Earlier this year I was called up for an interview for a job that I had actually applied for over a year ago.  They had an opening and the project manager wanted to interview me. I found out before the interview that I had been recommended by a friend who …

What Is Middle Class By Acquired Wealth 2

What Is The Middle Class?

The term middle class gets thrown around a lot.  It seems that all politicians pay lip service to helping the middle class, but few define what they believe it is.  What is the middle class? Is it based on income, on education, on wealth, or on lifestyle? What Is The …

frugal football team

The Frugal Football Team

I’m not a fan of professional sports, in fact I think I have only watched 1 entire football game start to finish in my life.  Professional athletes, and especially professional football players are well known for their flashy lifestyle. It isn’t uncommon to see football players living the lives of …