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2017 Personal Capital

Quarter 4 2017 Update

2017 was our best year financially yet.  Despite setbacks we hit a savings rate of 44%, not quite the 50% I wanted, but certainly close.  We saved just under $40,000 this year. I think overall the targets I’ve been shooting for are a bit too lofty and I need to …

It all adds up

Starting A Blog For Retirement Income

I started this blog in 2013 with the expectation that I would not earn any money from it,  I just wanted to share what I was learning about personal finance with others.  I didn’t even know it was a possibility to make money off a blog.   When I read …


Starting A Blog

I’ve been asked by some of my friends about steps to take to start a blog, most of them with the primary interest of making money off of blogging.  I personally caution that making money off of a blog is a long term process and there are far easier ways …