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2017 Quarter 2 Investment Chart

Quarter 2 2017 Financial Update

This quarter has been intense.  I was working upwards of 80 hours a week for a good chunk of the quarter and finished up my spring nuclear outage season in mid May.  Since then I have been hanging out with the kids and Mrs. C. has been working more hours. …

Net Worth Q1 2017

Quarter 1 2017 Financial Update

I’m making a few changes to the format and data in these quarterly wrap ups.  On the income side of the equation I am removing the total of our income and only publishing the savings rate.  Our household income is between $60,000 and $90,000, but it seems like the more …


Quarter 4 2016 Financial Update

Quarter 4 was an extremely busy quarter for us.  For most of the quarter I was working 75 hours a week.  Right around Thanksgiving I had a week off and then went to a 50 hour per week schedule. Financial Update: Income Our total income for the year came to …


2016 Quarter 3 Update

Quarter 3 overall is a slow quarter for us. During Quarter 3 I was off work for the first two months, so our total income and thus savings rate is down for the quarter.  During Quarter 4 I will be working every week, with a lot of overtime, and this …