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LED Light Bulbs At The Dollar Store

LED Light Bulbs At The Dollar Store

I’m a big fan of LED light bulbs.  They provide just as much light as an incandescent bulb, but use about 15% of the energy of an incandescent and last 10 times as long.  The quality of light is also much better than CFLs and they are instantly bright when …

No Bake Cookies 7a

How To Make The Best No Bake Cookies

Since I was a little kid my mom has made amazing no bake cookies.  She had an old cookbook that the recipe was in and about 5 years ago I got the recipe from her and started making my own, with a few slight changes.  Virtually everyone loves these cookies. …

Winter Survival Items

Top 10 Winter Survival Items

I’ve lived in southwest Michigan all my life, only a few miles away from Lake Michigan.  We tend to get very cold winters, with tons of wind and lake effect snow.  Lake effect snow is unpredictable bands of fluffy snow that can deliver snow falls measured in feet in a …

Save money on your electric bill

How To Save Money On Your Electric Bill

It seems that over time electric bills will grow if you don’t pay attention to them.  We buy more devices, we slowly stop turning off lights and appliances when we leave the house and before we know it we are paying over a hundred bucks a month for electricity.  Over …