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Backing Up Pictures 2

Backing Up Pictures

Backing up pictures is a necessity for everyone.  It used to be that the only backups of photos was a stack of negatives that more often than not got lost and scrambled together in a junk drawer.  Most of us print out only a small percentage of our pictures.  Since pictures …

LED Light Bulbs At The Dollar Store

LED Light Bulbs At The Dollar Store

I’m a big fan of LED light bulbs.  They provide just as much light as an incandescent bulb, but use about 15% of the energy of an incandescent and last 10 times as long.  The quality of light is also much better than CFLs and they are instantly bright when …

No Bake Cookies 7a

How To Make The Best No Bake Cookies

Since I was a little kid my mom has made amazing no bake cookies.  She had an old cookbook that the recipe was in and about 5 years ago I got the recipe from her and started making my own, with a few slight changes.  Virtually everyone loves these cookies. …