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Problems With Automatic Payments

For the past several years I have had the majority of my accounts set up for automatic payments.  My gas bill, electric bill, Comcast bill are all set up automatically.  I pay my mortgages and even my Netflix payment automatically.  I have my betterment account, as well as my HSA …

Walt Disney World

Planning A Trip To Walt Disney World

This past summer we took our kids on an 1,100 mile Journey across the country to Universal Studios Orlando.  We had a great time and while we were down there Mrs. C. mentioned to the kids that we could go do Disney World in a couple years.  My face sank, …

Backing Up Pictures 2

Backing Up Pictures

Backing up pictures is a necessity for everyone.  It used to be that the only backups of photos was a stack of negatives that more often than not got lost and scrambled together in a junk drawer.  Most of us print out only a small percentage of our pictures.  Since pictures …