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My 1K car

Why I Won’t Buy A New Car

Newsflash; I will not buy a new car this year, or next year, and probably not the year after that.  I most likely won’t ever buy a “new” car, and I will delay replacing my current car as long as possible. My current car is worth around $1,000. As a …

credit cards

How To Start Credit Card Point Hacking

  I’m all about maximizing the utility of my money, the bang for my buck so to speak.  I started out trying to cut every little expense I could find, then I worked on buying the right house with 20% down, increasing my income and savings rate, and maximizing my …

Avoid ER Costs

Paying A Large Medical Bill

Let me start this off with my aversion to doctors. I hate going to hospitals and to doctors.  Generally speaking I will do anything to avoid going to the hospital.  In my life I have gone to a doctor 4 times for an injury:  When I was 12 and broke …