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retirement savings fairness

Increase Retirement Savings Plan Fairness

One day last week I came across an article in the USA Today comparing the pensions of the top 100 CEOs to the retirement savings of average americans demonstrating a deep divide.  The capitalist in me viewed this as no big deal, because obviously higher income people will have higher …

Roth IRA

Retirement Planning In Your 20s

Retirement planning in your 20s is imperative to establishing a great retirement.  Although the amount you can save in your 20s may seem small, starting early allows for many extra years of compounding growth.  Starting in your 20s can mean retiring several years ahead of your peers who choose to …

Change 401K Deduction

Changing The 401K Tax Deduction

The number one rule of economics is that people respond to incentives.  Incentives are set up by individuals, businesses, and governments to get people to do something.  When it comes to saving for retirement, our government provides some strong incentives to get people to save more. One of the chief …