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Berrien County Property Tax Auction 2016

In Michigan, properties that have back taxes that haven’t been paid for 3 years go to auction.  The properties being listed in 2016 are for owners who failed to pay property taxes for tax year 2013.  This year there are a total of 409 properties.  Our county treasurer works with …

Roth Vs Traditional

Is A Self Directed IRA A Good Option?

A self directed IRA is just that, an IRA that you, the individual are in charge of what investments are placed in it.  Typically most investment firms allow you to invest in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and that’s about it.  With a self directed IRA you have far more options. …

Stock Wizard

Investing In Individual Stocks

When I first started investing back in 2002 I didn’t know much about investing at all.  My first investment was 100 shares of Red Hat, a linux company that my dad told me might be a good idea to invest in. I invested in a couple other individual stocks, and …