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Investing In Individual Stocks

When I first started investing back in 2002 I didn’t know much about investing at all.  My first investment was 100 shares of Red Hat, a linux company that my dad told me might be a good idea to invest in. I invested in a couple other individual stocks, and …

Setting Up Betterment Account

Setting Up My Betterment Account

I finally signed up for a Betterment account earlier this month.  I’ve wanted to start one for a while, but I wanted to wait until I had enough cash flow and a solid enough bank buffer to be able to commit $100 per month, which gives me a lower fee …

precious metals

Gold Vs. Stock Market 2008 to 2015

From time to time people ask me what I think about investing in gold.  I usually say the same thing: Buying gold is not investing, it is protecting a store of value.  Investing is when you put money into something that has action going on to generate money.  Buying stocks …

Personal Capital 3

How To Organize Your Finances

I’m a very detail oriented person.  I love numbers, spreadsheets and of course money. For my entire adult life I have organized my money using spreadsheets. When I got my first job in 2004 I started a spreadsheet to keep track of my income.  In 2005 I started a net …