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Help With Buying A First House

Help With Buying A First House

Buying a first house is a big step in life, and it is often extremely difficult to reach.  I advocate, as do many financial advisers that putting down 20% and getting a 20 year mortgage or less is the best way to buy a home. That isn’t to say it …

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Berrien County Property Tax Auction 2016

In Michigan, properties that have back taxes that haven’t been paid for 3 years go to auction.  The properties being listed in 2016 are for owners who failed to pay property taxes for tax year 2013.  This year there are a total of 409 properties.  Our county treasurer works with …

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Buying More Land Next To Our House

When Mrs. C. and I first bought our home there were two factors that I loved about the lot it sat on.  The house sat on a 1 acre lot, but came with the two lots beside it giving more acreage and a buffer from our neighbors,  it also butted …