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How To Build A Rock Climbing Wall: My $150 Project

Rock climbing walls are probably the coolest addition you can make to your backyard.   They are fun for kids of all ages and they challenge both our brains and muscles.  I had wanted to build a rock climbing wall for our kids for the past couple years, but I …


The Nuclear Contractor Travel Guide

Perhaps the best aspect of working as a nuclear contractor is getting to see different parts of the country.  Over the last 10 years I have gone to some amazing places, and occasionally I have learned about some too late, after I had already left the area. This list is …

Walt Disney World

Planning A Trip To Walt Disney World

This past summer we took our kids on an 1,100 mile Journey across the country to Universal Studios Orlando.  We had a great time and while we were down there Mrs. C. mentioned to the kids that we could go do Disney World in a couple years.  My face sank, …