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Focus On What You Can Control

Focus On What You Can Control

For life in general one of my favorite pieces of advice is the serenity prayer.  When I get stressed out or frustrated, I try to repeat it to myself in order to adjust my viewpoint.  The most basic part of the serenity prayer is breaking down problems in life into …

Nozzle Dam

Steam Generator Nozzle Dam Jumping

Last year I wrote an in depth article on my work at nuclear plants in the Ice Condenser systems,  I also work as a steam generator technician with most of my jobs being Nozzle Dam jobs. I have been asked by several people to describe what I do, which is …

Money Isn't Everything

Money Isn’t Everything

I’m a big fan of money, which if you’ve read any of my 175 posts to date, you would already know that lol.  Sometimes opportunities come along to make a bit of extra money that you have to turn down and it hurts,  a lot.  Over the last 10 years …

Nutria Bounty Hunting

Animal Bounty Hunting As A Side Hustle

Hunters normally have to pay for tags to hunt wild animals, but sometimes the State will pay you to take some animals out of the area. Multiple states are willing to shell out cold hard cash in exchange for a bit of help in reducing nuisance animal populations. This could …