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Collecting Unemployment Benefits In Michigan

Who Pays For Unemployment Benefits In Michigan? The accounting and taxation of unemployment agencies is fairly complex, here’s a basic overview that provides the details for how most of the program works. Michigan, like all other states, charges employers a tax to cover unemployment benefits. The tax is only charged …

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Paying For Preschool: This Is Going To Be Pricey

This is the first time I have looked into preschool costs, and boy is it a racket.  What really bothers me is that there is this massive cliff in affordability.  There are several preschool programs that are completely free if you qualify based on income, then there are programs that …


The Nuclear Contractor Travel Guide

Perhaps the best aspect of working as a nuclear contractor is getting to see different parts of the country.  Over the last 10 years I have gone to some amazing places, and occasionally I have learned about some too late, after I had already left the area. This list is …