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The Nuclear Contractor Travel Guide

Perhaps the best aspect of working as a nuclear contractor is getting to see different parts of the country.  Over the last 10 years I have gone to some amazing places, and occasionally I have learned about some too late, after I had already left the area. This list is …

Weighing Job Options

Why I Turned Down A Perfect Job

Earlier this year I was called up for an interview for a job that I had actually applied for over a year ago.  They had an opening and the project manager wanted to interview me. I found out before the interview that I had been recommended by a friend who …

Focus On What You Can Control

Focus On What You Can Control

For life in general one of my favorite pieces of advice is the serenity prayer.  When I get stressed out or frustrated, I try to repeat it to myself in order to adjust my viewpoint.  The most basic part of the serenity prayer is breaking down problems in life into …

Nozzle Dam

Steam Generator Nozzle Dam Jumping

Last year I wrote an in depth article on my work at nuclear plants in the Ice Condenser systems,  I also work as a steam generator technician with most of my jobs being Nozzle Dam jobs. I have been asked by several people to describe what I do, which is …